How to set up CCBill flex form with the system?

  1. From Admin Welcome > open Payment Engines
  2. Find Flex form ID, Salt value, your account id, sub-account id from your CCBill account. 

    Encode them using this link

    Please notice that at the example Db23%mn/?11 was changed to Db23%25mn%2F%3F11.  

  3.  In the configurational URL replace YOUR-FLEX-FORM-ID-VALUE, YOUR-SALT-VALUE, your account id 000000, sub-account id 0000 with encoded values.


    If you want to change transaction currency replace three‐digit code &currencyCode=840& in the configurational URL with needed value:

    Currency Numeric Code

    Currency Letter Code

    Currency Name



    Australian Dollar



    Canadian Dollar



    Japanese Yen



    United Kingdom Pound



    United States Dollar



    Euro Member Countries

  4. Fill new payment system form with the correct values:
  5. Add a org.softservice.web.CcBillCallbackPage to a Callback  Handler field:

  6. Click Add/Update button
  7. From Admin Welcome > open Payment Packages
  8. Set up new price packages. The PackageID must contain a decimal part, for example, 10.00 instead of 10.
  9. Click Add button
  10. Make sure the new price package appeared on addfunds page for a customer
  11. Use as an URL for processing postback from CCBill

    This setting can be found here: Account Admin → Modify Subaccount → Advanced

  12. Please, make sure that created FlexForm supports Dynamic Prices:

    - Click Primary button

    - Modify existing or create a new one:

    - Click the Pricing button. Make sure that this point is checked:

    Click 'View & Select Pricing' green button

    Uncheck all checkboxes in 'View / Modify Existing Prices' and click 'Ok' button 
    Click 'Save Property' button in FlexForm Editor
    Click 'Save' button in 'Redirect to an Existing Form / Select An Existing Form' window
    Click button 'Promote to Live' for your modified flex form.