How to point domain name to IP address

Domain name is the main entry point for any website. A user types it in a browser and then the browser should detect IP Address of a server to route data/content properly. Before we start website setup we will inform you of IP address of a server where your website would be hosted.

To make domain name resolved to IP address correctly please do the following:

  1. Login into domain name registrar control panel
  2. Find a link to DNS management
  3. Add 2 following records 
    1. @ A
    2. www CNAME @

IMPORTANT: Replace IP address in both with your real value. Replace with your real domain name.

Once you get it done it will take up to a few hours to update DNS but usually, it takes only a few minutes. You can use any online DNS lookup service to check if the setup is completed correctly, for example:

Here is an example of a helpful article for the same topic from Godaddy domain registrar:

In case you meet any kind of difficulties with setting up correct properties. You could share access to your DNS management area and we will help you. For GoDaddy account, you may check the following instructions for delegating settings for a different user Invite could be sent to our support email