How to report a bug

You’ve noticed some unwanted or unusual behaviour on your website and want to fix it. You’ve decided to send us report about this situation.It’s always welcome - the more detailed report is, the faster we can help with this issue.

Here are some recommendations on how to report about any issue. To report a bug please log in the Support desk and choose an option "Report a bug".

When writing a report about the issue, please try to answer these questions:

  • What has happened?

  • When did it happen?

  • How can one reproduce it again?

Or you can use these suggested fields to fill your report with details. There is no need to answer every question, just provide as much as you can :)

Suggested field



(What has happened?)

I’ve opened performer backend and there was no information...

Steps to reproduce

  1. Login as Admin

  2. Go to page

  3. Click on the link under the button

  4. Nothing happens (Should be popup there)

  5. ...

Date and time

(When did it happen?)

  • 27 July, 14:30

  • Today, somewhere between 17 and 20

Link to page(s)

(Where did this situation happen?)


(Where did it happen?


OS - Windows/Linux/iOS

Browser - Chrome/Opera/Mozilla/Other)

Mobile, Iphone 7, Safari browser version 00/00/0000

Login Information

(What account did you use when the situation happened?

Username, screenname, link to the profile

If situation happened between different people, please, specify both - for example performer and customer)

Performer “performer_name”

Customer “customer_name”


Logged as Admin

Additional information

(screenshots, video, text of mistake (“Show details” button))

Sitename.Show details report.txt